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As you approach retirement and start thinking about life after work, it is important that you take steps to maximise your retirement income (‘annuity’ in technical terms). How much you receive is really key, and it cannot be changed, and is payable every year until you die.

Hopefully that could be for a good long time.

Your personal circumstances can significantly effect the income you are entitled to recieve.


Annuity Rates

Understanding annuity rates can be a complicated process, the annuity rates advice available here will help you make an informed decision. If you are looking for the best annuity rates, we are confident we can help you find the best retirement options. On offer are a variety of annuity plans from a variety of providers.

Looking for an Annuity Quote?

If you are contemplating retirement, there is available to you an annuity quote that will meet all your requirements. The annuity quotes available are personal to you and are designed to be competitive and cost effective. If you are looking for an annuity quote one can be provided that will meet all your requirements.

Pension Annuity

The pension annuity advice on offer will help you find an annuity plan that will help you lead a comfortable retired life. A number of pension annuity plans are available from a variety of providers, Prudential, Canada Life and Norwich Union are just some of the pension annuity providers plans are available from.

Three key facts

Can I shop around?

You CAN shop around to find the best pension annuity available. You are able to do this because of a facility known as an ‘open market option’. The good news is that this shopping around can be done for you.

Will I be better off by shopping around?

If you do shop around it is EXTREMELY likely that you will improve your pension income. By ‘shopping around’ you will find some pension annuities provide a level of income in excess of 35%** above that originally offered by your current provider. Putting this into figures, £5000 per year could become £6,750, and £10000 per year could become £13,500. It really could be that significant.

I have a medical or lifestyle condition, how might this affect me?

If you have, or have had, a medical or lifestyle condition, this could have an impact on the pension annuity you receive, meaning you could qualify for a higher amount – see enhanced annuity page. Indeed, if you have smoked (for example, for ten years or more) this, too, could have an effect on what you receive. This is probably the only time in your life when being a sufferer or a smoker could be to your financial advantage. Over 1,500 medical and lifestyle conditions could qualify.***

**Source: Moneyfacts July 2007
***Source: Just Retirement


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